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Eyrie Farms

Eyrie Farms is a subsidiary of the Eyrie Group, focused on empowering farmers with the necessary support and ensuring there is harvest all year round irrespective of climate change.

Eyrie farms is largely a community-based farming scheme helping farmers gain access to agricultural intervention to improve productivity. In partnership with local communities, and many possibilities of emerging technologies—we are building a transformative force in the agricultural sector. At Eyrie farms, we are committed to making Nigeria a better place by applying advancements in research and technology to agriculture.

What We Do

We run a community based scheme that allows us to empower farmers with access to agricultural intervention. Our scheme provides seedlings and fertilizer for farmers on our farmland and a guaranteed purchase of the harvest afterwards. Our hydroponics farming also give us an edge in ensuring that there is harvest all year round irrespective of climates.


Our Vision

To improve rural livelihoods and sustainable food systems by imploring innovative agricultural interventions and smart farming solutions


Our Mission

To produce high quality agricultural products, promote rural entrepreneurship through capacity development.